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Kumori: Semi-Realistic Wolf Pack 85666811


Weather Forecast
Summer fell upon the Rain pack sooner than expected. Each day temperatures inch up higher, but it's still too soon in the season for any heat waves. Nights are comfortable and alive with prey -similar to the day. With the warm weather comes our favorite: rain showers! These sporadic showers come and go throughout the days lasting anywhere from a few minutes to hours! The territory is returning to it's lush mossy glory as this ideal weather continues to progress.

Natural Disasters


Season Changes
September 22nd

Mating: Higher Ranks Only (optional)
Birthing: No


 Kumori: Semi-Realistic Wolf Pack

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PostSubject: Kumori: Semi-Realistic Wolf Pack   Kumori: Semi-Realistic Wolf Pack EmptyFri May 10, 2013 12:48 pm

Hey everyone! I've decided to make my own wolf pack. I've worked on it a little here and there, and think i'm ready to have people start joining. Fair Warning, it's not pretty x) I'm not great at making sites. If you'd like to give it a shot though, come on over. I've tried to keep it pretty simple.

  • When joining, make your username your main wolf's name.
  • You may have 2 wolves to start with. You don't need to post your joining sig quiet yet, since i'm going to have somepeople automaticly get ranks (such as Beta & Shaman) since we need them before we start. I already have an idea of who i would like where, but i'm open to suggestions!
  • Many Open ranks due to newness.
  • Pm me once you join or jump on the chatbox so we can get this going!

I'd like to affiliate with Rain Pack, but at the moment we don't meet the standards x) But once we do, it would be greatly appreciated! The Rain Pack button is already on my site because you guys are awesome. :) Thanks Again!

Kumori: Semi-Realistic Wolf Pack Ko7dspWsfP8_5499461


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PostSubject: Re: Kumori: Semi-Realistic Wolf Pack   Kumori: Semi-Realistic Wolf Pack EmptySat May 11, 2013 9:40 am

I joined! Smile
My name on there is Ariadne!
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Kumori: Semi-Realistic Wolf Pack
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