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Creating and Posting Topics 85666811


Weather Forecast
Summer fell upon the Rain pack sooner than expected. Each day temperatures inch up higher, but it's still too soon in the season for any heat waves. Nights are comfortable and alive with prey -similar to the day. With the warm weather comes our favorite: rain showers! These sporadic showers come and go throughout the days lasting anywhere from a few minutes to hours! The territory is returning to it's lush mossy glory as this ideal weather continues to progress.

Natural Disasters


Season Changes
September 22nd

Mating: Higher Ranks Only (optional)
Birthing: No


 Creating and Posting Topics

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Creating and Posting Topics Empty
PostSubject: Creating and Posting Topics   Creating and Posting Topics EmptyFri Jul 13, 2012 8:30 pm

Before I begin, let me remind you that all posts must be in third person. The minimum you may post is a total of 21 sentences in each post. This being said, you must also divide this minimum into separate paragraphs. (a.k.a. don't just slab all 21 sentences into one huge paragraph) This way, it is easier to read for other members. We encourage that you go beyond this and work on creating well developed replies.


With the new site update, you are now given the opportunity to create your own topic and role-play in a thread of your own. The only place where this is not allowed is the Den. The Den is where all members can post in one, massive thread.

We trust that you will use this new freedom responsibly, but nonetheless, there are a few rules that go with it.

  • When creating a Title for your topic, you can choose whatever you would like. What you cannot do however, is type titles in ALL CAPS, crazy letters, "Someone Reply To Me!", or abuse *~*^~*-*- . Please just type your title normally. (Ex: Trouble Hunting, The Chase, etc.)
    *You may put ( ex: 3 Members needed) in your title so members know. Use your description too!*

  • Private threads are allowed. Please respect these, but remember we're allowing create your own threads so that members have the opportunity to meet others without having clogged or busy threads.

  • If you see that no one has posted in your topic, try updating it. Ask others to join in it. If it remains stagnant for awhile, it will be deleted.

  • Be responsible! If you see a thread that is breaking any rule alert a Admin or Mod right away.

Most importantly, have fun!


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Creating and Posting Topics
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